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Man crush?? ok so i think what i got is a man crush... how can i deal with this??

the thing is, i want to not have this man crush because it makes me feel like i am gay... however i really really want to have it because i like the guy so much... i realllyyyy want him its creepy odd... idk what to do! ive always been straight- this is my first ';gay-ish'; experience, and i want to be with that guy sooo bad (and not in dirty sexual ways- i think that gross...) if someone asked me what i want the most i would say i want him to really like me back in a gayish way, and i would just want to be around him constantly, maybe like hugs or something or layin on a couch together and ';nuzzle'; or put his head on my stomach or mine on his and stuff- but NOT anything like taking it up the *** or something (im not that gay, i think im like 25% gay lol, not all the way go for it) and whenever i see him i get all shaky and nervous and i never act myself... and i flip out when i think i see his car or somethin... idk what to do... i feel so sad and stuff gahhh what do i dooo?!??Man crush?? ok so i think what i got is a man crush... how can i deal with this??
I've had guy friends that I've really enjoyed hanging out with, but NEVER in my life have I ever wanted to nuzzle with them. Just the THOUGHT of that creeps me out.

If you don't want to feel gay, then just get a girlfriend and put this dude out of your mind. Let HER put her head on your stomach and nuzzle with you.Man crush?? ok so i think what i got is a man crush... how can i deal with this??
ive had that experience before...i think its pretty normal for guys to be gay-ish...just cuz of the environment we grow up in
there's no such thing as a man crush, its just gay. sorry your bisexual. just come to terms with your sexuality and be honest with yourself

maybe your hormones are out of whack if your still young and you dont know what you want? idk you should talk to someone about it if your confused and bothered
So you want to cuddle and touch but no sex? Weird I think you may be like 25% gay. So gay you like him in a non-platonic way but not gay enough to have sex with him. I dunno what to tell you buddy. This is a weird situation.
ooooooooooooooooooooo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i don't think ive ever heard of 25% gay before. im sorry dude but ive got nothing.
well, i'm guessing that your in high school, maybe even middle school. but in high school this is normal, your going to see things in a different way, and your going to want things. believe me, and maybe your not gay, maybe your bisexual, and this is the guy that's making you seem that way, due to the fact that your only just realizing what it actually is.

when you see him, just act normal, see if he wants to go hang out or something. and dont feel sad or anything sweety, i'm sure that if he's gay, or bisexual, that he would want to be with you, you seem like a really nice guy.

best of luck

hope i helped
Uh... Definitely haven't heard this one before. Just be sure he would be interested in this sort of thing or it could backfire, very badly.
Try bieng his Best friend and work it up from there.
yeah ur problably bi. but dont take it up the *** am a gurl and i wouldnt even do that,;鈥?/a>
Admit that you're gay and move on.
Come out of the closet... besides, you don't have to take it up the pooper to be gay. You just have to learn to open your throat... pretend you're chugging a beer. You know, for your masculinity....
well chances are, if he's straight, he's going to get freaked out and call you a f.a.g.. I know, it's horrible, it's nothing I would ever do or agree with, I'm all for gay guys, it's just reality of typical guys these days.
mayb ur bi dude
Sounds like you're bi. Does this guy like you back? I don't have any good advice really except don't get all cut up over the fact that you like this guy. It's normal. Try to think of it as a good thing and have fun with it.
having a crush on a man is normal. and that doesn't mean you are gay. if you felt that way towards him, you should make friends with him. First step to a good relationship starts with friendship.Make friends with him, being friends makes it feel good but dont get all covered up yet since in ';friends'; there are a lot of get-to know-you-first things you need to ask him. it takes time and what socrates once said ';Patience is a virtue and virtue'; and that virtue can turn into what you want that scene to be. Good LuCK AND GOD BLESS
DUDE snap out of it

you been watching to much Obama, don't drink the cool-aid.
AH... I dont know if a guy who is straight would ever feel this way

but maybe your BY

um before I tell you to go for it

is he gay?

And think about your relgous beliefs and Ur familys beliefs

but if ur gay then ur gay

follow your heart?
ok i have the same feeling but NOT GAY like i am a girl and i like guys and sometimes i just get the SAME thing you described but for a guy ya know....its weird you just like him and you are just either confused or starting to show the true gay in you just see where your feeligns take you listen to your heart
I'm not trying to be mean, and I could be completey wrong with this, but that isn't what I think is a man crush. I think that's just a crush.

A man crush to me has always been just where you admire another guy a lot like where you're really envious of them or are just really interested in them for whatever reason. For example, I openly have a man crush on Ben Folds. It doesn't mean I wanna cuddle him or anything, just that I love his music and think he's really funny and overall I just really admire his whole style n stuff. I also have a man crush on Matt Schaub who was a freakin awsome QB for my favorite college team. I have no intimate feelings for him, I just really admire his football skills.
Well I wouldn't get all crazy about it.. when I feel out of control I go to the beach and read a book and get my mind focusing on good things.. and then I go home and make a plan on things I want to accomplish. I start to work right away on it and pretty soon my schedule is packed and I am making something of my life. True friends would support me and I would be there for them too.
There's no way you can be 25% gay. You're either 100% gay, or 100% straight. I think bisexual people are just greedy.

Anyway, you might just be curious. I've found that it's kind of fun to kiss girls sometimes, just to be flirty, and I'm definitely straight.

Anyway, there's no shame in trying new things. Sometimes you just have to experiment to find what you really want. Don't feel bad exploring your sexuality; it's completely natural.

Good luck! ^^]
Sexuality runs on a continuum. It may be that you want to only do the things you say and that will be that. Or maybe your feelings will grow. Either way you should just keep doing what you are doing being friends and maybe or maybe not it will become more. ';Nearly 46% of the male subjects had ';reacted'; sexually to persons of both sexes in the course of their adult lives, and 37% had at least one homosexual experience';. So what you're going through is very normal!
dude i have no idea

Very strong crush; How do I deal with it?

There's this girl I started liking at the very end of last year and the beginning of this year. Her best friend used to tell me to get over it because she supposedly didn't' like me. A while later I found out she had a boyfriend and I got over her. A while after she and her boyfriend broke up, I had some strange dream that made my crush come back even stronger, so I asked her out, and she said yes but it never happened. After that I attempted asking out two more girls (at different times) and one of them said yes but we haven't done anything yet because we barely see each other. Meanwhile, Melissa got another boyfriend, but It only lasted like 2 days. I was talking to her the other day on facebook about all that stuff. In one of the conversations I told her that I loved her and she replied ';love you too'; (I know she only loves me as a friend. Anyways, the last day of school, I talked to her mother (a substitute teacher) about stuff. Someone randomly said ';Do you have a daughter in the school?'; and when the teacher replied ';Yes, and she's beautiful!'; I just said ';hell yeah!'; and her mom just laughed but I have a feeling that both, Melissa and her mother know I like her and if they do, they don't really care. My problem is that I seem not to be able to get over her and I feel I'm wasting my time trying to become more than friends with Melissa. I need suggestions A.S.A.P.!!!Very strong crush; How do I deal with it?

Dealing with a crush in high school?

Big wall of text :(

So, I'm a senior in high school, and theres this girl I really like. I wouldnt call myself shy at all, I am a little quiet however. Im not exactly ';smooth with girls'; but im a friendly guy and usualy if I can get the chance to talk to people I can become good friends with them. The thing is, life just seems to be doing EVERYTHING it can to keep me from talking to this girl. I'll spare you all the details. I'm going crazy! My teenage hormones are raging over this girl but I just cant seem to get close to her.(due to schedules and after school activities) So what? Should I walk up to this girl and just tell her how I feel? How should I say it? These are the things I'm asking.

Thank you for your time.Dealing with a crush in high school?
i would just walk up to her and ask her about an assignment or something don't make it obvious u like her too much. as weezer says: ';no one likes to much attention from a desperate fool'; lol goo luck

answer mine please:;鈥?/a>Dealing with a crush in high school?
get to be friends then say '; i really like you. we should hangout sometime.'; then when you start hanging out right b4 she goes home kiss her and say goodnight then walk away. thats wat my bf did to me. makes gurls go crazy wen u unexpectedly kiss them
Tell her how you feel, the worst thing she can do is say no, (it will suck at first, i know) but you never know, she might like you too!
like my math teacher says.

';if you arent sure, JUST ASK !';

btw, whats the worst that can happen? getting ejected? other fish in the ocean, but watch out for the sharks !
My suggestion is that you should talk to her. See if she has the same kind of feelings for you. Are you sure it isn't just a sexual attraction you feel for her?
Ah just ask her! I mean you can't live life with fear just ask her no matter what! If she turns you down there are plenty of girls out there and she just wasn't worth your time and wasn't the one for you!
Flatter the customer. ';I love you.';
Just ask her.
I am in the same position as you but im not sure if he likes me back, so i am just going to have to wait and see if he will start a conversation with me, atleast try to coz we have only spoken as few times..bout random stuff, but i feel like he likes me coz i caught him staring at me twice already so far and we had that eye lock thing going on for a few mins lol..but anyways it would help if u had given more details about this..but i think u shudnt just walk up 2 her and be like, i like u! that is kinda silly, if u havent spoken to her then try to speak to her first, and then get her msn add or number and then only ask her out..if she is interested.

good luck with that
I wouldn't just walk up to her and tell her how you feel, I'd say you need to suss the situation out before that. What about adding her on Facebook or something similar, or sending an email... I know plenty of people who have gotten to know people they're at school with or otherwise over the internet. That way you can easily talk and see if you get along well. However, if you can get talking in person (rather than immediately telling her how you feel) it would probably be better. I'd only use the email as a last resort if you're never are in the same place.

Hope this helps.
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  • How should I deal with this?

    I really like a girl and I don't know how she feels about me. I'm a little afraid of creeping her out with how I feel. We have known each other since Kindergarten, been friends for as long as I can remember, and been best friends for a year or two. She is 16, I am 18. I feel so happy around her and I am a much better person around her. I worry she may see me at my less good moments or that she is not interested. Basically anything that makes me think I wouldn't be with her forever worries me. I work hard in life in order to be financially secure so that she wouldn't be afraid to marry. I try to drop incredibly subtle hints, but they are too subtle for my own good I think. But I'm afraid to be less subtle. Our families are also good friends, and our moms are best friends. My friends already act like she's my girlfriend, and that seems to bug her. We talk about deep things and my conversations with her usually last at least an hour, often going to two. We talk about life and our experiences. We have talked about relationships before and we both mentioned that it would be weird if WE were to date. (we didn't come with the topic out of nowhere, just from discussing the rumors about us (apparently her little brother has also declared me her boyfriend.))

    My main worries are:

    1. I am worried she may not like me the way I do. I dread not being with her forever.

    2. I sometimes worry I am fooling myself, and that I have no real devotion, and that it's something I wish I were capable of. It seems too perfect somehow. Like the feelings are too good to be true and I'm not a good enough person to be so devoted. I am a fairly natural actor and I have sometimes had trouble with fooling myself, though nothing of such importance before.

    3. I worry I may never be good enough to be a married man. That I will fail financially and be unable to support a family, or that I will fail morally/socially and not be a suitable husband.

    So basically, I guess I am dealing with a crush. I have never dated and I never plan to until I can support a marriage (or would be able to fairly soon or when I need to). I believe the purpose of dating is looking for a wife and should only be done with the intent of marriage. I think dating 'to get to know each other' is garbage honestly and so basically, I see dating as something very serious and of great importance and value, not to be done lightly.

    I appreciate all advice. If you see this topic 3 years after it was started I still appreciate the replies, even if it's just a handful of words. All and any advice/guidance/comfort is appreciated and will be made note of.How should I deal with this?
    Just tell her what you feel and see what's her reaction about this.

    The main point is as long as you are willing to try your best to settle the financial for your future and you will take care of her and treat her like she should treaten. Anything could be possible, dont' be afraid of fail. It's a good thing to let people know aht we feel specially the one we love. Good luck....How should I deal with this?

    Seems like you REALLY like her

    Ok don't be scared to tell her..

    When I like a guy I tell him

    You should just get it off your chest

    But be like ';I want to tell you something but I don't want you to feel weird or this to affect our friendship'; it usually helps =)

    I hate everything about myself. Any advise?

    I hate everything about myself! The way I look, act, feel. The worst is the way I act. At home Im always cussing at everyone and hate them. With good reason after all the abuse Ive gone through. And of course when I told the police I ended up in a metal hospital for a week and a half. WTF??? How does that make sense??? At school I change from day to day. One day I will be silent and anti social while the next day Im loud and will tell everyone everything about myself which embarrasses me and most people don't care to hear. When Im with friends Im the thoughtful caring person you could tell anything. I hate how im like this! I want to have a good relationship with my family. I want to be the fun person at school but still know when to shut it. And I want to have the last one all the time. I cant help it all though! THen there's my looks. Im way to hairy for my age and that's just... ew. Hair is gross. I cant shave it of wax it so Im stuck hiding my body all the time. Then the way I feel about things is rebellious and I don't like that cuz it gets me in bad places. Then Im gay so I have to deal with crushing on strait guys and getting hurt. My homophobic family who would kill me if they knew and the rest of society. This is more of a rant about myself but... Any tips on fixing all this or learning to like it?I hate everything about myself. Any advise?
    ya your too concerned with ';me me me'; instead of ';them them them'; don't worry about you join the group organism of humanity and things will align themselves to harmonious benefitI hate everything about myself. Any advise?
    ';the rest of society';

    The rest of society isn't that bad, a LOT of people aren't homophobic

    Once you're out of high school and all its drama you really won't care anymore. Go off to college and live in a dorm, get a job, join school groups, make new friends, it will be a whole new start.
    get laid
    That's..... Deep.....
    You just have to wait til your 18 I'm afraid, then move yourself out of that horrible situation to a city more accepting of gays.

    Being hairy isn't that bad when you're older. I am too, and a lot of guys actually like it, so I wouldn't worry.

    Feel better friend:-).
    its called being a teenager.
    embrace ur gayness for one and your not alone here's a must tell ur family either they love you as you or they love the mask you try to defend yourself with.
    Don't worry. It's just puberty. Life gets much better when you graduate from high school and move out.

    My teen aged years were hell. Life really does get better. I promise.

    Am I destined to cheat?

    I have been married for 9 months now, and I absolutely LOVE my husband, we are best friends. However, sometimes I find myself fantasizing about other men.

    I used to be kinda crazy %26amp; free spirited, never skanky, but would occasionally forget all my responsibilities for a moment of passion. Does this mean that I am destined to cheat on my man? I have crushes, and fantasize, but I can't really imagine acting on it, or betraying him. But, as a newlywed, I still feel unsure about how to deal with crushes, this normal?Am I destined to cheat?
    It all depends on what you train your mind to do before you get in a situation.

    I use, as an example, 3 couples I know personally tried to be celibate until marriage, but failed miserably and ended up having to get married early because of pregnancy. If they were raised with certain moral values how did this happen? Because all of the people involved were from very sheltered backgrounds and NEVER talked about sex... not with parents, friends, teachers, or counselors. So when things got passionate when they were making out, they had never thought about where the point to stop was, and they ended up having passionate (but unprotected) sex. Their lack of forethought caused them to end up in an embarrassing situation. My mother, on the other hand, was uncomfortably open about the sex talks during my upbringing. So when I got in the same type of situation, I had already decided what my limits were, and when I reached them, I stopped. I had trained myself mentally.

    My point? Your situation of fantasizing about other men is similar. When you fantasize, make an effort to decide where that fantasy would stop if someday a situation arose that was reality. You WILL meet a man someday that wants to fulfill your fantasy, but it will be your forethought and mental practice that will make you stop. You'd be amazed how well you can handle a situation when you've analyzed it and made the appropriate decisions ahead of time.

    So don't second guess yourself. You're not going to cheat unless you tell yourself that you are going to cheat. Tell yourself that they are just fantasies and that you'll never, ever act on them, and you won't.Am I destined to cheat?
    If they are passing then they are nothing to worry about especially since you ';can't really imagine acting on it.';

    Don't mention it. Don't cheat. And you will do fine.
    This is one of those things where you make your own destiny.
    ';Destined'; to cheat? That's the most ridiculous concept I ever heard!

    If you truly love your man, that will prevent you from hurting and betraying him. Just keep your fantasy life as fantasy.
    i think that its harmless if you really love your hubby you could lead a stray
    So was i but i don't let them get physical.
    Maybe you shouldn't have married if when obviously you still want to act all crazy and ';forget your responsibilities for a moment of passion';. Marriage means settling down, other men should not exist in your fantasy life..the only man you should be thinking about is your husband.
    Everyone gets crushes. Everyone has fantasies.

    The only question here is are you mature enough to deal with them in a manner consistent with your marriage.
    No, it doesn't. You're just getting used to new parameters now that you're married, and the limitations on you they imply. Thoughts and actions are two dfferent things. Thoughts are benign; actions have consequences. I suspect you'll be just fine. (I wouldn't mind spending some time with that cute little avatar of yours, though.) Good luck to you.
    It is perfectly normal, I can promise you he is doing the same things! You just have to know not to further the emotions and act on them! If you love him and you truly want to be with him, you will not cheat on him. But it is ok to have little crushes and to fantasize about other men, just dont take it to far and actually cheat on him. I wouldnt really let him know either, as it is normal and natural, but no one likes to know that their other half is dreaming of another person! You wouldnt like to know he's doing it! But everyone is guilty of it!
    fantasy is what it is. Used right it can help you and your hubby. my wife and i fantasize all the time and we have been married for well a long time.oh and we never cheated on each other.
    No you take vows for a reason , and I do not believe in cheating!
    You are never destined to cheat.

    If YOU believe it is inevitable, then it will probably happen.

    YOU are in control of your actions.

    Quit DWELLING on fantasies about other men.
    I would just make a point not to entertain those thoughts. Sure, they may come into your head like I'm sure they do for many men.. but the ';wrong doing'; of this situation is when you dwell on them and fantasize. Try to keep your mind on your great husband. You don't sound abnormal to me! If you don't want to cheat, you won't.
    NO destiny involved!

    it's all about the choices you make!

    I think I'm in trouble...?'s the problem.i keep talking a lot abt my crush, %26amp; how cute he looks %26amp; some guys in his class had gone %26amp; told him that i talk of him in a wrong way %26amp; that i constantly keep on complimenting his looks.apparently,my crush thinks i'm a psychopath now(seriously-one of my friends had explained to him that it's just my hyper way of dealing with crushes %26amp; that it's my personality but he wasn't convinced) he's freaked out by everything i do.(he doesn't know me very well.we hardly talk %26amp; i assume he doesn't know my real character at all,or has even bothered to find out).when i confronted him abt this %26amp; apologised,he just told me that he didn't know who to trust.was this a wise thing to do?

    plus i just want to know why he thinks i'm such a psycho.i mean,i don't think that ANYONE would be freaked out by compliments %26amp; attention,are they?

    guys-what would you do in a situation like this?listen to your friends,or ask the girl herself?would you even give her a chance to explain?I think I'm in trouble...?
    Well, juz relax %26amp; calm..move on with your study which is more important than anything.If you are a successful person in future,you find more better man in the Globe.I think I'm in trouble...?
    forget about hom. move on. even if he becomes a friend ,it will not last very long.
    Write a note to him tell him that not what you mean and tell him what you really mean.
    Just let it go. Over time people will forget. If you still like him after a few weeks try talking to him.